Passwords are blank, eagle, or infantry, depending on the mission/campaign. I started getting CTD's in XP. Between the black text boxes in the editor and the CTD's I decided to try installing it on the 98SE partition. While it doesn't look as sharp now or like 4X AA (2X is fine), the CTD's that suddenly cropped up are gone and the editor looks correct. I had to lower missile effectiveness to easy, turn on hard landings, give myself two wingmen, change the loadout to include ECM, 77's, & 73's, and reduce the enemy skill once I'd declassified the mission. I tried medium missiles, but that is a giant leap in missile effectiveness. Something between the two would be nice. Situational awareness is sufficiently poor that you just don't have enough time to respond to incoming weapons or lock the TDC quickly. The stalls also seem to switch on suddenly after the buffeting and then blink right out again if you counter it hard enough. Not quite gradual on the transition, and it happens just too darn easily. You're constantly fighting the aircraft, making it difficult to fight the enemy. I did finally complete the first mission in the campaign with all these changes, but now I can't tell if my progress has been saved. The new briefing is identical to the last.

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Saitek X65 and X52, Glide, Winx3D, and GlovePIE Profiles

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