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I find it very hard to believe that the real flankers, even from the early 90's, didn't have an auto aquisition mode. The target's there on my radar. Why should I have to move the TDC manually in the HUD? Trying to get the TDC onto a moving target while attempting to orient and the blip repeatedly blinking out is a pain. While survivablity is an issue, I honestly think dogfighting in this is better than the BVR stuff, with the padlocking, HMD sight, and such. BVR is just frustrating.

I can't figure out how to even change my loadout for a campaign mission, let alone add a CAP, wingman, or anything else. "Campaign" in the menu can't be selected. Where am I suppose to go to change the mission?
Well, the Russians recently outfitted the flankers with French avionics, so I guess that says something about how they felt about their own \:\)

I don't consider the no auto a problem in bvr; it's not needed there, and that's what a flanker is designed for, bvr.
Now, in a knife fight, it would be nice, no doubt.

The campaign missions are "classified", meaning you need the designers password to "declassify" them, which would allow you to edit them.

You can access this function either via the editor, or just click on the campaign you want to fly, and when the map comes up, you'll see the edit, etc. buttons.

But you'll need the password, so do a google and/or search here for it, if it's even available.

The classified missions in F1 had a known pw, but I never bothered with the "campaigns" in F2,so don't know about the pw for those.