I find it very hard to believe that the real flankers, even from the early 90's, didn't have an auto aquisition mode. The target's there on my radar. Why should I have to move the TDC manually in the HUD? Hell, why's the TDC even in the HUD? Trying to get the TDC onto a moving target while attempting to orient my jet and the blip repeatedly blinking out is a pain. While survivablity is an issue, I honestly think dogfighting in this is better than the BVR stuff, with the padlocking, HMD sight, and such. BVR is just frustrating.

I can't figure out how to even change my loadout for a campaign mission, let alone add a CAP, wingman, or anything else. "Campaign" in the menu can't be selected. Where am I suppose to go to change the mission?

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