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I flew it for a couple more hours yesterday. Managed to finally shoot down one or two aircraft, but there are another two or three out there. What an annoying way to begin campaign 1, mission 1: outnumbered and using lower-end ordinance from a base the briefing says is short on supplies. Very stupid. Am I correct in understanding that there is no automatic target aquisition in Flanker? You have to move the TDC manually to every target in the HUD and lock on to it before firing? You can't just hit a button to automatically have the firing computer choose the closest enemy aircraft illuminated with the radar? It's bad enough that you can't launch at multiple targets while in TWS mode. That sort of defeats the purpose of TWS, in my opinion.
Well, TWS stands for *track* while scan, not shoot while scan \:\)

No, there is no autolock in these avionics.

Anyway, the key is to know the planes faults AND pluses.
If used as designed, the flanker is deadly. You can't approach it with a "western avionics" mindset though.

Two main points; as said before, it's not a dogfighter, don't treat it as such.

*Always* have an awacs on your side. Always. If there's not one in a mission, put one (or two, or whatever) in. Put in a cap to protect them too.

Soviet aircraft doctrine, avionics, etc. was designed with one always being present, and if you don't have one, you're not using your craft to it's potential from the start.
Use it's datalink info.

Plus, approach the missions with a more realistic mindset.
I.e., being outnumbered, out-ordinanced, etc. is a type of mission I doubt many actual pilots would continue into. Think virtual survival and abort if needed.
Obviously, that can screw up your campaign, but then, think about editing that mission to a more realistic standard.
I can't remember; anyone else know if there's a common password to declassify them ?

I.e., give yourself some wingmen, etc.

If you just learn it within it's limitations, and accent it's strengths, it can be a hoot.
I'm still waiting and can't wait for the day when I can fly a dynamic campaign from the "other" side, with realistic avionics, weapons, etc.