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I can't even detect the enemy first using IRST and/or radar, using back and forth scanning, changing azimuth, you name it. They just don't show up. I can't even get past the first mission on the first campaign. I personally think Flanker's a great dogfighter in instant combat, but I'm pretty sure the flight model is simplified and you can turn on invincibility. I've turned it off before and succeeded in winning the round, but it's campaign BVR that's giving me problems. Enemy aircraft don't seem to appear on the airborne warning screen until it's too late. And those exit out times are just ludicrous. I wonder if running it in XP is causing the problems. The aircraft constantly wants to lose altitude and sink, and I'm using trim. I've got X-Plane and nothing in that flies with such a lack of lift, even the Flankers with stability turned off to get rid of the flapping. If Falcon flies like it's on rails, it must really suck. Even Jane's FA-18 flies with normal inertia during turns and has great avionics and AI. It just seems like Flanker is way overrated and overdone. Just the menu design alone is so poorly thought out and antiquated.
Regarding the radar, keep in mind that Russian avionics (radar) is much less versatile than Western ones.

I.e., the radar cone on the Flanker is very small, compared to the amount of coverage, say, you'd get with an F-16's radar.

What this means, is that the pilot (you) have to constantly move that radar cone around and search with a Flanker.

It's more of a "flashlight beam" size compared to a "floodlight size" radar cone in a western jet.