Copy what John said, the Flanker is no dogfighter in the main, but a BVR fighter, so use according tactics. Also, the flight model of Flanker always was considered to be far superior to that of Falcon, where as Falcon shines with superior avionics and campaign system. Falcon may have fly-by-wire, but it's conseqeunces in flight-dynamics are exaggerrated, according to real viper drivers. In F4 you fly like on rails - but not so in Flanker. I have no problems with landing in Flanker, so I assume it is a question of experience and routine, a decent HOTAS and setup for it, and practice. I admit I am an old Falconeer myself and have never flown Flanker in campaign and missions, due to it's lack of atmosphere, but occasionally I jump into it because of the good, dynamic and nonstatic flight sensation it produces, make some stunts, and then land again. Just for fun. Some years ago a German flightsim site had regular air race-events in virtual space - not using MSFS or F4, but - Flanker.

One also should mention that they released this sim with a printed hardcopy of a thick, well-done manual in a time when this habit already had been died out and every paperjob was shipped as printer-unfriendly pdf (nuke it) already.