I can't stand this thing. Looks good at 4X/16X and has an excellent helmet sighting system, but that's it. Impossible to land. It's only cool if you run it with invincibility on. Your aircraft has a very difficult time mantaining altitude and goes into stalls much more easily than even X-Plane's Mig 29 and Flankers with Artificial Stability off (I add the switch to Barry's X-Plane cockpits). And it's far too difficult to detect the enemy. With full radar, IRST, or both on the enemy always sees me first and wacks me. Switching on the ECM when they start trying to track me makes no difference in my survivability. Flares and chaff only marginally divert incoming missiles. And the exit time for getting out of the campaign map screen is horrible. Oh well, I only paid for shipping.

Anyone have any pointers on what I'm doing wrong?

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