Yeah. All you see is the MFD icons, but neither your HUD or radar can do anything with it. Some people had the misconception that Flanker 2.51 let you launch based on the datalink and that it wasn't accurate so they got rid of it in LOMAC. But it was just some basic stuff in Flanker: target info and allowing your radar to beam lock based on it. I'm not sure if the F-15 has any datalink at all in LOMAC, though.

The term "necroposting" was invented by a person with no social memory beyond a year. People with a similar hangup are those o.k. with the internet being transient vapor.

Saitek X65 and X52, Glide, Winx3D, and GlovePIE Profiles

X52 + Silicone Grease = JOY stick