Might as well update with my current favorite Stalker 5S build:


4xLRM5, 5 tons of ammo
Engine: STD 310 for 65 KPH
Heat: 1.32
Armor: 480
Alpha: 50, whatever that's worth with LRM's and ML's LOL

Fast cooldown on the missiles for good firing rate, low heat. 6 ML's are nothing to sneeze at up close. thumbsup

·Steam: Raw Kryptonite ·MWO & Elite Dangerous: Defcon Won ·Meager youtube channel
·Intel i5-9600K ·EVGA GTX1070 FTW 8GB ·EVGA CLC 120 Cooler
·16 GB Patriot Memory VIPER 4 3000MHz ·GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi Mobo
· CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 540 case ·BenQ BL3200PT monitor