I like it. Mixing the weapons goes against the grain, but I do that on my Misery too due to the heat BS.
Can I make a suggestion?

-Instead of 2 LRM10, go for 4 LRM5's. Still a 20 shot, faster cooldown, and you can open the missile doors and fire all in one pop. As it is, you'll have them firing in 2 volley's of 5 anyway since there are 5 tubes in the side pods. (There are 10 on side torsos if you want to move things around). I've got a 5S I'm running and enjoying with the 4xLRM5. The quick cooldown lets you keep a lot in the air.

-I know you probably specifically want that ERPPC, but just for consideration, I moved some stuff around and swapped it for a 2nd LL. Larger engine mainly for the heatsinks, but a bit faster too.

Is a 5M just what you have? The 3F has more twist and better hardpoints. A 5S has better hardpoints, but the same twist as 5M, and 2 AMS systems.

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