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Thanks for the preview,

I'm totaly not convinced, putting aside the hot chicks and the other staged parameters, much of what you wrote was also written in previews of CloD; that turned out to be not a castle but a favela.

I think the best thing for BoS and the people that don't wan't to bump their head again(and their bucks, pounds, euros...) is that the BoS team release a SP/MP demo prior to release of BOS so people can make their own minds up on their own rigs.

And that they be clear with things like official system requirements because *probably* doesn't cut it.

After CloD for me the most logical thing is to not preorder and see where this goes and after making my own mind up, good or sour.

How long the preorder will last is anyones guess, but I really don't think you need to worry so much. BoS is being built on the strong foundations of Rof, so it's not a whole new engine as was CoD, which is why things have progressed so quickly. More importantly there is an extended beta period, first in late September-ish and then an even larger one from the winter. Prior to release, and nobody is forcing anyone to buy it prior to that, we will be able to have a good long look and thourough assesment of what BoS has to offer. It will be interesting to see what new ground BoS might break, but even if it's nothing earth shattering BoS should offer a good solid sim, along the lines of RoF which is certainly no bad thing. The only major weakness in RoF that I can see was, the set in stone FM's, hopefully this won't be an issue with BoS , because of better technical information to begin with and, fingers crossed, they have learn't some lessons from RoF. I'm sure they are aware of the shortcomings of some of the aircraft in RoF, it has caused a lot of angst on the forums, it would be nice if this didn't repeat it'self in BoS.