I'd probably ditch 1 ton of the AMS ammo, possibly the whole system. The only mech I run AMS on is a stalker 5S, since it has 2 AMS systems. That's about all that really does much good. Even then I normally just have 1 ton of ammo. Some weight to play with that way. Might consider 4 ML instead of 2ML/2MPL. The range is so short on the pulses, that you miss opportunities to do damage. They do an extra point when they hit, but you might miss several chances to do damage due to the limited range. In the end, doing less damage total.
Large pulse lasers however, they do have a decent range, just beyond that of a ML, so I do like using those when possible.

At some point try running dual AC20's and 2ML (or 4ML, if you run less AC20 ammo). People complain about them, but it's a fun build and very effective.

Malibu, I put together that 1X and have enjoyed it. Much like my Dragon and Blackjack, but with an extra ML. thumbsup

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