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Guys, once we have Karat for the SA-8, it could probably be very easily ported to the SA-2E, SA-2F, SA-4 and ZSU-23-4. All of these have either a TV or telescope system.

It's not a tiny thing restricted to just the SA-8, It could revolutionise the entire simulator!

For SHORAD TV/IR camera is a must.
For medium and long range systems is not an essential feature .
What ever Hpasp will decide it will well accepted. smile2

During Desert Storm, the most effective SAM system was the S-75M Volhov (SA-2E).
They used Karat, and launched only at close range.
Pretty effective tactics against jamming and HARMs...

Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

(U-2 over Sverdlovsk, B-52's over Hanoi, F-4 Phantoms over the Sinai, F-16's and the F-117A Stealth bomber over the Balkans.)

Book from the author - Soviet Nuclear Weapons in Hungary 1961-1991