She's a sweetheart, she speaks like a 5 year old, but it only 3. She is a character and makes great faces. Typically, she is a very easy going child, so it is easy to take her out on day trips. I wish I could go to Chicago more often, but look forward to her visiting my parents in 2 weeks. They'll bring her down to Ft. Carson for the day.

Her and her Cousin (both are bi-racial)

Her mommy.

And Mattel sent her a bald barbie. So cool they do things like this for children.

Most people are sheep, but I'm definitely a sheepdog. I go out with the team guys and let them shoot me with UTM rounds in exchange for CQB training. I also go to the Dojo on the compound and got choked, submitted, scraped, bruised, just so I can be better.

Keep Calm and Check Canopy

There are no ex-paratroopers, only ones off jump status

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Carthago delenda est