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Oops, 4 MPL. Typo.

Not often this boy from AL gets to make fun of the math skills of them boys in MS.


Yeah, we're usually good at math. Comes from counting all of those pregnant teens and keeping up with our weight figures.

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I know. Just giving you a hard time.

We should run dragons in the next few nights.

I can dust the Flame off.

Now I'm thinking that I should get the Flame and run this build on it. I could get my 3rd Dragon ranked up, sell both of the others. I could get where I've got a hero mech in each of my favorite classes so I'm always in the money. Then stop with the premium time each month.
Already have an Atlas, Heavy Metal, eye'ing the Misery, maybe a Flame, have the Yen Lo...

When will there be a hero Catapult? That would finish out all the mechs I care about.

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