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Here are my favorite Centurion builds:

CN9-AL XL275 2xLL 2xML 2xSRM4 98kph Love the amount of damage that the 2xLL and 2xML give you while running around at 98kpk and then when you are close the SRM4s deals extra hurt to finish them off. I killed a fresh Stalker the other night by sneaking up behind him and 2 alpha strikes with this.

CN9-A XL275 AC2 2xML 3xSRM6 98kph Fast platform with AC/2 used mainly for long range and for trolling while you get in close for the SRM6 punch.

The Yen-Lo of course is a ton of fun, here is my build
Yen-Lo XL300 AC20 2xML 106kph

I run basically the same cents except...

My AL is a long range sniper with a surprise...2 ERPPCs 2 SRM6s 84/92 kph. Runs a little hot.

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