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9K33M3 Battery Components
System Qty Function/Composition Vehicle
9A33BM 4 6 Round Amphibious TELAR BAZ5937
9T217BM 2 12 round Amphibious Transporter/Transloader/Tanker BAZ5937
9T33N 1 Towed 18 Round Semi-Trailer Transporter (5Ya254) Ural 375
9T31 2 Mobile Crane for Missile Loading ZiL-131
PU-12M / 9S738-3
1 Mobile Command Post BTR-60
P-40/1S12 Long Track
1 Self Propelled Acquisition Radar AT-T
9V242 2 9A33 Missile Repair/Test Station ZiL-131
9F16 2 Missile Preparation/Assembly Station ZiL-131
1 Compressed Air Tanker ZiL-131
9V914 1 TELAR Sensor Calibration System Ural-375
Repair Station
1 P-15, P-18, P-19, P-40 Repair/Test Station ZiL-131
9F632 1 Mobile Training Simulator for TELAR Crews Ural-375
9K33M 48 Missile Warstock Deployed -

To be more precise, the theoretical OSA regiment OOB is.
(not all countries fielded all of this.)

I do not seen this...
9G22M1 1 Compressed Air Tanker ZiL-131
... here. It might been a local specialty.

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Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

(U-2 over Sverdlovsk, B-52's over Hanoi, F-4 Phantoms over the Sinai, F-16's and the F-117A Stealth bomber over the Balkans.)

Book from the author - Soviet Nuclear Weapons in Hungary 1961-1991