Here are the 2 Atlases I'm playing around with. I like them so far, and glad to ditch the missiles for a change and stick to lasers and AC20.
The RS in particular has very good heat control, and with a STD 350, it's close to as fast as an Atlas is going to go. Neither has a huge alpha (for at Atlas), but being beam and ballistic, you put it all together in a tight spot.

Atlas AS7-RS
3LL, AC20
Grouped 1: 2LL right arm 2: AC20 3: LL left arm
Heat 1.39
Speed 56.7
Armor 560
FP 47

Atlas AS7-D
2LL, AC20, 2MPL
Grouped 1: 2LL 2: AC20 3: 2MPL
Heat: 1.33
Speed 52.6
Armor 512
FP 50

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