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I suggest changlog should be included in the patch, or alongwith the patch ,tnx in advance.

This is the change log-Click on the link above.

Change log
93) Fixed hangs in some cases when battle in the operation is loading.
94) The algorithm of selecting units in the platoon at the start of the operation and at the change of broken squads (for AI).
95) The error of targeting at shooting throught a broken sights is reduced.
96) Fixed bug with incorrect update for highlighting platoons that engaged in combat when the rapid movement of the cursor from one battle point to another.
97) The recognition speed of the enemies for open located soldiers (not in vehicles) is increased.
98) The base point for the calculation of the platoons that are involved in combat is shifted towards the attacker.
99) English text for ingame helper is improved.
100) Fixed various minor bugs.
101) Fixed bug with fire-tails on C-5 rockets.
102) Fixed a bug with the ability to set the shelling range outside the active area of the battle.
103) Fixed a bug with the spontaneous changes of squad places in deploy phase in some cases.
104) Changed the keyboard shortcut to activate the message bar.
105) Fixed a bug with the detonation of munitions and the subsequent ignition of the ZU-23-2 crew.
106) Fixed inability to continue operation, in some cases.