This DAR is the companion to Luke's DAR. Here you'll be able to see the battle unfold from the Allied perspective. Let's get to it!


This is the briefing my Polish forces received from General Maczek earlier in the day.

As you can see, my objectives are to keep the North Slope and Vimoutiers Road under my control, and then take the knoll and the road to Hill 239. Boisjos Manor, while not a map objective for me, sounds like it will be a map objective for the German forces to attack and occupy.

My forces at the start consist of six tanks from 3 Squadron; five Sherman IIIs and one Sherman VC Firefly. I also have seven anti-tank guns (two 17 pounders and five 6 pounders), two Vickers machine gun sections, an 81mm mortar section, A and B Cos from the 8th Infantry Battalion and two platoons of infantry to defend Boisjos Manor. I also have at my disposal some off-map artillery assets, which you can see in the second briefing screen. Hopefully those reinforcements the briefing alluded to will show up in time!

Axis of Attack:

After analyzing the map, I decided that the Germans would try to attack on both of my flanks; one drive toward Boisjos Manor and the other attacking toward Vimoutiers Road. I came to this conclusion by noticing the land is these two areas are low lying and would nicely mask the German advance. I do not expect them to attack through the bocage fields and woods just north of my center. Woods fighting is nasty business, and I doubt the Germans would want their forces chewed up in such a fruitless endeavour. I also feel they will try to utilize the more open terrain to their advantage, especially if they brought Panthers with them, which the unit icon in the briefing screen hints that they might have. Save for my Firefly, the German's 75mm KwK L/70 gun on the Panther has better range and hitting power than my Sherman IIIs. I would definitely want to use that to my advantage were I them.

Defensive Plan:

That is the overall look at my defenses. I plan to use the woods to my advantage, in both advancing toward the knoll and in defending the North Slope and Vimoutiers Road. Like I said, woods fighting is a meat grinder, especially for the attacker, and it is the best way for me to give the Germans a hard time in taking those two areas. I have kept my troops out of those objective areas for the opening turns in case the Germans decide to hit those areas with artillery at the outset. You might notice vehicles scattered throughout the woods. These are Universal and Lloyd carriers. Why are they in the forest? Well, they're full of ammo. I've placed them there as supply points to fall back to whenever fighting occurs in the woods. Didn't really know what else to do with them to be honest.

The arrows indicate my opening moves. I have decided to send two Sherman IIIs to help fortify the defenses at Boisjos Manor, two Shermans IIIs to help defend Vimoutiers Road and the remaining three will help support B Co in moving into the wooded area just to the north of the North Slope. B Co will move into and occupy the wooded areas I previously mentioned. They are moving into this area for two reasons. First is so that they can take the Knoll and then press on toward the Hill 239 objective. Second, and most importantly, is to act as a pincer to hit the German's flank when/if they drive toward Boisjos Manor. I want to have him sandwiched between my two forces on that end, mainly because I suspect that's where the bulk of his force will be attacking. I am also sending out several scout teams to act as eyes to see what his forces will be doing. The following pictures are vignettes of the defensive positions in each area of the map.

Defenses at Boisjos Manor. Somewhat of a defense in depth array. The 17 pounder AT guns are positioned to have LOS on the open fields in front of the manor and the road. The squad at the second line of defense has the only PIAT I have right now.

This is what I'll call the pincer force. B Co and the three tanks supporting it will move into the wooded and field areas north of them.

Defenses at Vimoutiers Road. A Co is just off screen, and there's another AT gun just off screen that covers the open fields at the edge of the map.

Taken at the B Co jump off point. We are about to bear the brunt of an attacking German force bent on relieving their comrades in the Pocket. I suspect this will be a fierce battle. These troops are more than ready to dish out some hurt to the Germans; they have a score to settle. Pamietac Polska!

The Battle

1400-1405 hrs
1405-1410 hrs