I wasn't joking when I said I was gonna build an app. I've got the bones of it working now. I can get the geolocation info out of flight simulator via a windows server app I wrote and send that data over UDP to an android client app using the google maps api. I can update it about 1 time a second in order to allow the maps app to refresh. Any more than that and it looks like google maps can't render fast enough. At least that's how it is on my phone and on my tablet. Both are pretty high end tho.

Now that the bones are done it's time to play around with some UI stuff. I'm planning on wrapping the map in a kinda GPS look and feel and then on large tablets I'm going to add some gauges to the right side. Right now I'm planning on bearing, airspeed, alt, and fuel. For phones I'll come up with a different ui later that will likely switch between map and gauges.

Having a lot of fun building this.