I just started using SAMSIM a couple of days ago (using the SA-2F) and must say what a brilliant job Hpasp has done, I'm really enjoying it. smile

I have a questions about the SA-2F:

Using the Asuluk range for practice (I've had to substitute some characters in the names of some functions as there is no cyrillic formatting)

1) Set-up at the Asuluk range against a simulated FB-111 flying below 300m.
The manuals says to use the 'K' guidance method with the proximity fuse switch in the down position (red lights on). I've noticed that with these setting all of my missiles fail to hit the target.
If however I select the centre proximity fuse positions (no red or green lights illuminated), I can achieve great success with either 'K', 'YNP' or 'T/T'. According to the manual the ground clutter should confuse the fuse, but this never happens?

2) The 'BKN. CNHXP' button described on page 33, is supposed to synchronise the missile launchers with the azimuth and elevation of the radar. While this does cause the 'CNHXP. NY' lights to illuminate, suggesting the launchers are synchronised, the red indicators on the elevation and azimuth dials suggest otherwise?

3) Is there a way of zooming in on the Plotting Board display, as when there are multiple contacts in close proximity, it becomes impossible to read the target parameters?

4) On the I-64 panel (Q - button), what are the functions of the following switches, buttons & indicators?:
a) 'PK' & KC' which are next to 'EP' (live fire mode).
b) There is a switch that activates a red light labelled 'PNK'.
c) To the right of the red 'PNK' light is a row of 5 switches. They are all inactivate with the exception of the third switch.
d) On the radio fuse selection indicator 'PAE. NO AHA'.

5) On the I-62 panel (Y or Z buttons), the is a large black four position knob below the white 'Antenna / Dummy' switch. It looks like it cycles between launchers, but I'm not sure. What is it's function?


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