Total of 5 MiG-29s survived the war. 4 MiG-29B and 1 MiG-29UB. One 29B has crashed since then.
Six were shot down by NATO aircraft
Four were destroyed on the ground (3 in Batajnica Air Base, 1 In Nis)
One was shot down by KUB (Friendly fire)

I also read that one of the six shot down bu NATO had Strela-1 fragments in wreckage, hit on its way down probably.

As for not achieving results, we must mention the conditions the aircraft were in. The country was under sanctions for almost 10 years at the time war broke out. Despite the fact that every aircraft took off with all systems operational, after a few minutes in the air things started to go bad. Some of the most critical systems quit working (Radar, SPO, electrical generators...). So basically they were flying blind at medium altitude. They had to rely on R-73s. Unfortunately NATO situational awareness, numbers and BVR superiority were more than a match for MiGs with only GCI. And it was not effective GCI, I read some transcripts of radio communications and it was chaos.