ONe unit no............ I was basicly alpha testing.. I started out playing as 11 panzer.....which was something like 30 platoons worth of guys. Each platoon having up 7 or 8 squads or tanks. In that senario there is also 2nd SS. You can contotl it as well or have ai do it. What was odd was that when SET TO AI CONTROL SS guys I had control of 2 or 3 platoons of 2nd SS guys AS WELL as all of 11th panzer. Its an open alpha test so this is just feed back.

So just contorl that would be epic STUPID. Best thing is just try the alpha test out. Its just an open test but shows where things are going. Its NOT a final anything. AND if you look under options you can turn off all the new stuff like command delay and all the new stuff. In which case it plays out like always. All this panic silliness over new features that can be turned off is nuts. biggrin

ANd the new systems get thumbs up from me. They just need tweeking to get right. Which is what this open testing is about.