While testing that campagin out on German side......first time LOL! Well i started without ai control under user command. I could still control 3 squads? I though that odd, but had no issue with it. Later I enable ai under user control and indeed their moral went to lowest levels. but the amount of fire power that unit had it simply ment difficulty commanding unit. Half the time they would not except any orders........even basic movement orders to RUN AWAY!. SO on low moral levels and new command system I think the cost of movemet order should be decreased a bit. But still wiped out everything on that side of map as the formation despite low moral is easily capable of killing everything on that side.

More silly was ALL soveit armor counter attacking on 11 panzers side. Formed arty traps and killed/disabled most tanks in 2nd turn. Was shockingly easy after that even set on hard. USed pz2 to vary good effect. biggrin