Thanks Wodin. I installed the alpha (a4) march patch myself today so I know better what I am talking about wink

I love the new Wehrmacht icons. Very nice. (though Wehrmacht in option menu when you choose the icons is spelled/typo wrong).

About the communication. Yea I see what you are talking about. The blue bar on top is new also. Kind of a timebar when you give orders I think. Not sure how to describe it myself.

I do have a question about a campaign with the a4 patch/updates. Not sure if things are final, they can change.
About the 11 Panzer campaign (Rakitnoe). Why is the 2nd SS Div now allied? I know I can set them up for player too but with the new a4-patch I get a penalty for that, not? Why is this?

And just a note. The Wehrmacht during WWII changed rapidly, units, organisation and equipment. So did also the Wehrmacht handbook with the icons. The game is using the WH icons of 1941-1942. Wich is just fine as we use a mix of light, medium and heavy armor. During 1943 till 1945 they changed a little again. Then I think you have one type of armor icon.

Anyways..dont have much time today but will check more tomorrow smile

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