Wicked, like everything with this game it's not as complicated as it first appears..all it's doing is howing you how the units are communicating within the platoon..

I watched a platoon with an IG slowly spot entrenched Russian troops..I then watched how the icons lit up as the info was passed around until the IG gun turned and spotted then fired..I never gave one order, luckily I had placed my HQ and the IG gun in a position where they had line of fire and LOS...also no other action was happening so I could really watch how it all worked.

I'm still unsure on command points but so far I have played and haven't really needed to know what was happening as it didn't get in the way of the game..but the Icons are just purely info feedback..

I had similar concerns to yourself, until I saw it in action in that particular scenario..I then realised it was just telling me what was happening..i.e the HQ is talking to the squad, or the gun crew is talking to each other..or they spotted something or heard something. Once one spots or sees something then the voice icons strat to light up as th einfo is passed around..then en eye icon lights as a unit spots the enemy unit that it was told about..

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