28) Staff for the troops in quick battle has been modified and expanded.
29) Added a group of messages for breaking and restoring wired connection.
30) Adjusted an algorithm offers ceasefire from AI (removed immediately cancel after offer).
31) Added target designation by flares.
32) Added a button to apply the last selected filter for soldiers or vehicles.
33) Staff for the troops in operations has been modified and adjusted.
34) Squad parameters panel is changed.
35) Rotate order is moved to squad panel.
36) Added a separate button for reverse move.
37) Added indication for suppressed squads in 3D and on the map.
38) The "quick" orders adaptively vary depending on the number of troops who are given the order.
39) Added a button on the orders panel, which allows to transfer troops under the control of AI.
40) Put a penalty at the start of the operation if allied troops is transfer under the players control.
41) Added automatic movement for signalers to laying wire communication.
42) Feature 42, now without name.
43) Added indication and options for valid orders.
44) Removed the outline of the selected units if individual icons is displayed.