11) Added the ability to set placement in defense without digging trenches.
12) Fixed a bug with the canceling of serial orders in battle.
13) Adjusted indication and view modes for serial orders in battle.
14) Added button for automatic platoon placement.
15) Added separate command teams for different types of troops.
16) Added the support units in a quick battle.
17) Added a separation for radio stations by type and his type indication.
18) Fixed a bug with icons remain after disable (and enable) the mini-map.
19) Added the indication for the radio/voice/wire communications in battle.
20) Button for platoons table in operational phase is changed from F1 to F3.
21) Added an antenna on KV-1S and KV-8S tanks.
22) Added an option for icon types on operational map (option 4.20).
23) The algorithm for ammunition and fuel replenish is cahnged, added indication for supply level on map.
24) Command radii is removed.
25) Company and battalion commanders are added in a quick battle.
26) During the retreat without a combat (in operational phase) platoon loses morale.
27) Added the fire platoon commanders in artillery batteries.