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I try to get into the sim with perhaps the most simple of the systems as far as I noticed. I tried to engage a B52 target drone which have both dm and cm jam equipment. I accuire the ep and beta as told in the manual and I assume it's range using the tables in "A" view and I use the bore sight control in order to move the range line into place but I can't "lock on" (press the right mouse button in the R area) and therefore there is not envelope or any sign for firing the missile.

I saw that in the Volhov you can set the height of the target manualy which solves the problem. but how do you do it in the Dvina?


There is no way to lock-on in range on the jamming target... This is the idea of jamming.... Please, post your questions into the relevant topic.
You should set radiofuse activation to "11 sec" ant use T/T mode, launching 3 miisiles salvo...
Good luck...