(No; i'm not going to create a topic for every SAM there is; but this one is the next logical step forward)

So here i want to talk about the 2K12 Kub; aka the SA-6 gainful. It was probably one of the most dangerous threats of the 70ies up to the 90ies, even if today it is obsolete, it is credited with around 50 kills; some of them friendly-fire incidents. It's a widespread system and has seen a lot of action

Famous 1973 picture from the Yom Kippur War

Kub in active Hungarian service. Could this be an obstacle to us seeing it here?

It uses the 1S91 Straight Flush radar, looks similar to the Krug's 1S32

First and second operator console
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Third operator console
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1S91 teleconsole
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