Ok here are my settings. I played around with this thing all day with the latest Beta and it is quite powerful in many ways, but I decided the biggest benefit of SweetFX is the Lumasharpening setting. By cranking that up you can pull out some more detail in the terrain textures and aircraft paintjobs. Some may find it too "noisy" on aircraft paintjobs, but I'm fine with it. I also turned on the Technicolor and DPX Cineon color settings. My color settings have a bit less green so the colors may seem a but muted to you, but I like it. I don't need the SMAA on my rig, but it does seem to work ok when I had it on. I took off the goggle effect because I spend a lot of my time outside the cockpit.

Here are my ROF settings for reference and my SweetFX settings file.

As you can see from the pics below the difference between stock ROF and my final SweetFX settings is minimal. A testament to ROF.

I'm sure I will play with this some more, but here's what I am happy with at the moment. I just shot some video with it on and looks pretty great. Look for that later.


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