So, I got turned on to this SweetFX mod by someone who uses it for CLOD and it's pretty cool. I've managed to get it working in ROF and I've attached it to this post.

SweetFX is a DirectX injector (or some crazy thing) that pre-empts your usual graphics appearance and imposes it's own settings which includes some cool colors settings, contrasts, HDR tweaks, post effects and a certain kind of anti-ailiasing. It works the same way as the old ENBSeries mod from a while back. Only this one has more features. Actually it can be used in conjunction with the ENB mod, but it's overkill in my opinion.

I've found some settings that I like which gives ROF a certain color tone and brightness which to me feels more gritty. Just my opinion of course. It boosts the brights a bit and darkens the shadows and I added a fuzzy dark filter in the corners to make it feel like you have goggles on. You can change the settings how ever you want and experiment. It doesn't seem to hurt anything and doesn't seem to hurt framerate much if at all. It also seems to play friendly with nvidia inspector. The only issue is that it will interfere with such things as TS overlays and most frame-rate counters. However, it does work with RivaTuner powered apps like MSI Afterburner which you can see in my pics below. You can also run it in splitscreen mode so you can see the difference. You can also turn it off with the press of a key which is very convenient.

For more information you can go here: http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/sweetfx_shader_suite_download.html

Feel free to download it from this post and give it a try. I thought some of you might like it.


To install just unzip into your main ROF directory. To turn off hit the "U" key (this can be changed) and to take a screenshot hit the "6" key (can also be changed).

I've attached a few screens I took wit it working in ROF in splitscreen. Hope you like.

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