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I was wondering, how many vehicles are needed to transfer a "5 van" SA-75?

They should be:

5 for each van; 6 for each launcher; 1 for the spare parts, 6 TZM's maybe... What else?...

1,2 PA – fire control radar, RSNA-75 (Fan Song A) fire control radar. (two trailer one for the cabin, one for the antenna)
3. U – fire control cabin
4. I – indicator cabin
5. K3 – instrument cabin
6. K6 – power distribution cabin
7,8,9. Three K5 – diesel generator (100kW diesel generators)
10...15. Six PU launchers
16..21. Six TZM PR-11 missile transporter - loaders
22,23. P-12 target acquisition radar
24..26. ZSU-23-2 close air defense

... for kitchen, spares, guards, etc.

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