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Probably easier at this point to just convert it into a DCS product -- why waste all the 3-d model and system engineering that has gone into this thing? Good way to generate a little extra cash to fund this project. And while they are at it, maybe they could add the British naval fleet as well.

Hell, as a phase two, they could create the falkland theatre for DCS World and probably come pretty close to realizing what they had hoped to accomplish with their own project, without having to sink gazillions of dollars/euros in to a new graphics engine, or whatever it is that isn't working out as planned. Who knows, maybe some of their terrain data is in a format that can be reused and/or converted. Aerosoft gets some kind of return on their investment that way.

Or maybe this thing is closer than any of us thought...?

Perfect sense Sir...asmuming that their software programing allows for such a project! I really feel that the DSC model is the future of such projects, only time will tell but it does make sense what Ripcord has said!! ...Does it not?