Hi Flyboy, thank you for your good work.

I had a real great moments playing Longbow 2, there are more than ten years ago ... It was the smoky time of Pentium ... By chance I came across this forum, and I learned that you could run LB2 under windows 7!
I followed all the instructions found here and there (well, I hope): install from the CD iso, use LB2 Win 7 fix, use Winlauncher (by checking a single processor)... But, by launching the game, it starts displaying a black screen for a second (you can see a window pop up early) and it suddenly returns under windows without error message.
And now ... I still can not run LB2 ... I must be cursed.

My config : WIN 7 ultimate, Bi-Proc workstation, Quadro 4000 graphic card, 48 Go Ram (I work in Video editing & Special FX ...)

And of course, sorry for my very rusty english ...