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Hello Mr. P, Uther or whomever,

I noted on CombatAce some aircraft, missions and campaigns additions for OFF. The site does not qualify if the creations are for versions 2 or 3, though some of the available maps are from Rabu, which gives the material credibility.

But before my next computer FFU, my mind inquires if they are safe to import.

As far as I can tell the only reason to utilize some of the third party missions is the level of enemy contact

That is No-Longer a valid reason, with the manager as it exists in Phase III you can enlist a few pilots around May of 1918 and you will shortly wish your mother never met your father, as 6 on 10 is fairly commonplace.
I'd even venture to say it happens all to often. Many times you will encounter the 6 on 10 going on . . . and will join to even out the odds. Things have a way of escolating in 1918

The smart money enlists 6 Pilots in 1916, 6 in 1917, and 6 more in 1918.
That way you can fly as you choose

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