If you ever get tired of being the Pilot in a 2-seater, take a turn as the gunner ( F8 )
The pilot will keep you in the air as long as possible. You are the one doing the protecting after all

That's the reason the 2-seaters fly so damn high, no scouts can fly that high

Or they fly Very, Very Low, so no scouts can attack them from below ( their Blindspot )

The Pilot of the Scout can be a sneaky SOB by flying directly behind you, at your altitude. So you can't shoot at him without shooting off your own tail

It becomes a game of cat and mouse. You put 2 controls on your joystick (F6) the Pilot. .and (F8) the gunner

When the SOB gets on your tail, switch to Pilot and Dive then level out, switch to gunner again, and that SOB will be exposed above you.
Then as the gunner you get to carve him up

The NEW OFF is slated to do that automatically - - what a gift

PS . . . That's the reason for the Hole in the Floor on the Twin Engine GOTHA Bomber, this allowed the rear gunner to shoot at you as you attempted to attack from below, the original "Belly Gun"

PS . PS . Many Folks are WOWed about the accomplishments of MVR, he was a great pilot and an efficent Killer. However many of his early victories were against British 2 seaters with a top speed of 85 mph, while he had an Albatros DIII, his victims flew in formation. He would Attack whoever was at the edge of the formation at roughly 10 O'clock meaning there was No Way the pilot had a shot, while the gunner couldn't traverse his gun far enough to allow a shot. One Burst from his Spandous was normally enough. And so the Legend Grew. Many is the time if the odds weren't in his favor, he ran. But he lived to fight another day. He finally cashed in his chips, when one Bloke got a lucky shot from the ground, exactly who is still in dispute.
Back in the Day, I considered myself an above average Deer Hunter with the Bow, and I'll never forget what the guy who taught me said . ."Never Shoot an arrow at anything that can eat you" SOUND ADVISE
If you go on Utube you'll see many videos of guys bagging the Top 5 from Africa with a Bow
They always omit to show the guy Off Camera with the 375 H&H whose there to settle disputes

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