WHY you should fly as FLIGHT LEADER. Sometimes the newbie will figure, If I fly as second fiddle, I'll see how it's done, and learn how to handle a WWI aircraft at the same time. WRONG . . Quick Combat is there just so the newbie can learn how the aircraft will react to your input, and YOU control ALL the variables. However if you wish to jump into Campaign, and Kill a bunch of pilots, be my guest it's yours afterall.

For my money, I'd select: Player always leads, enlisting my pilot in one of the top 2 ranks possible for that nationality, ie . . NO Sargents. Because leaving the TAC up, you can't get lost period.

Plus there's the little matter of wingmen, ONLY the mission leader can command his wingmen. And without commands, they do anything they damn well please, which can include them just watching as you get killed facing 5 enemy aircraft alone.

Incase anybody is wondering why your Flight Leader doesn't announce his moves before He does them, He Can't . . it's 1917, there's no radios in these tiny aircraft

If you decide the hell with the mission, I'll just go looking for trouble, you'll go solo

If you can keep up to your mission leader you're good. He's on your side but he's AI, which means he can climb without slowing down, his mixture is always perfect, he's uneffected by any kind of wind.

More importantly, he can fly through a cloud with NO effect, when you try to follow, you can get your wings ripped out, or not. Feeling Lucky Today

Sooo as the leader, you circle the field once, to get all your ducklings in a row. Then Warp to Mission Altitude in 6 seconds flat

And you can never get lost by following the Blue Neon Line on your TAC . #30

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing