GUNNERY in WW1. You don't actually Aim, You try to Ram him, and just before you hit him, you open fire, you'll only have time for a short burst or you WILL hit him. And had than a few mid-air collisions learning this stuff. Your guns are solidly mounted to the aircraft, if you tried to aim Presto you're on a collision course. Besides who is busy doing all that aiming if you're busy flying the plane. In order to Aim you need a front and rear sight ( most aircraft have one or the other not both ).The Nieuport 11 doesn't have ANY, as the gun is on the upper wing. If you only have a Front Sight, you'll try to get closer soo you can't miss NOTE . . the twin gun German aircraft don't use a front sight at all. They pick an imaginary point between the two guns, such as the top edge of the windscreen on the Alb DIII, or just above the gauge on the Fokker DR1. There are long distance shots taken, but it's only done by experienced pilots.
MEAT or METAL If you fail to hit the Pilot, the Engine, or the Fuel Tank, it could be a long day. Just getting behind somebody and openning fire, unless by luck you hit the pilot in the back of the head, you can shoot all your bullets without doing anything. All the goodies are in the front third of the fusilage. Never said this Schitt was easy. If you dive on somebody, without him seeing you, and you shoot him in the wing. You haven't accomplished anything except announced your presence, and if he's a better pilot than you, you Die
There is NO Blood in OFF . . If you're close enough, you'll hear him scream as your bullets turn him into hamburger #29