Phase III was promised to install on Vista and it did. CFS3 QC #28

In order to prevent accidental exposure it was rather well Hidden Away

NOTE: . . As of late, a great many computers have appeared on

the scene, equipped with Windows 7 64 bit.

Nowdays it seems the accepted practice of 'I buy power' as well

as many other custom builders, to use it.

Also I should think more than a few 'disgrunteled' VISTA users,

took that path as well.

Seeing as this little piece of information, was originally written

long before the release of Windows 7, I can safely say . . . .

Anybody running Windows 7, has no reason to fear CFS3 QC

. . Start OFF, go Directly to Workshop, there to find CFS3 QC along the bottom, clic on it. After some on-screen magic, the Quick Combat screen will appear, That's the one place you can activate Spawns via a little white check box in the center of the screen, clic on 'Go to Field'. Then put your hands in your pockets, more on-screen magic, and the Hanger Page, that looks just like Phase II will appear. There's a Medal with a maroon ribbon on the left side of the screen.

Clic on the Maroon Ribbon , the Menu will slide out, you can customize your entire experience

Clic ON the term FLIGHT TYPE
You'll get your choice of: The Type of Action

You can choose the Aircraft you Fly
Also the Possible Loadout
All the German Aircraft ONLY have twin MGs, except the Fokker EIII and the Haberstat with a single gun, along with some of the bombers
British and French aircraft most have rockets or bombs, some you have a choice.
There's also a Model 'T' Ford and a Moped if you get bored

Clic ON . . . LOCATION you can then choose
country of flight
area of country
airfield in area
Time of Day or Night
Where you start

Clic ON . . SKILL
skill of the enemy pilot
can the ground gunner hit an elephant or not
How will you initialy confront the enemy

You get to choose the type of aircraft that trys to Kill You

On the right side is HANGER . .a drop down menu, that speaks for itself