One of the Hidden Features of OFF #26

Clic on CREDITS ( nobody ever does ) Make sure your speakers work. After the actual credits, there appears a field of red poppies, and the taped voices of four WWI pilots, all of them frightfully British, followed by the reading of "Over Flanders Fields"

One thing worthwhile to think about! Originally; Quick Combat was considered a practice area, where you you could work on your gunnery, and your Piloting Skills, till the action of the AI became just toooo predictable to be a challenge anymore. Then you would advance to campaign. Well QC has changed, some accomplished pilot's never leave QC. As there you control ALL the variables. Also it's a great place too practice dead stick landings, and sideslipping, with nobody bothering you in Free Flight

But if you wish to jump into campaign, with both feet, and die a lot . . . . . . . be my guest
Then we have the other extreme, the newbie who says, "The best place to begin is the beginning". Sooo I'll start OFF in Jan,1915 flying with RFC-3 in the Bristol Scout.

Well 6 missions later, and you've yet to have an enemy contact, frankly you're bored stiff.

Nobody to blame but yourself. In early 1915 there weren't that many aircraft anyway, mostly recon and spotting for the field artillary, most of those endless 'patrols' were just to keep you busy.

Plus if you believe in Flying without aids ( Labels ) Might have been a enemy around, but you never saw him.

He could be behind a cloud .... you'd never see him. NOTE ... there's no hiding from the TAC with the aircraft only screen up, in your lower left corner

PS . . .If you can hit anything with the Bristol Scout ( other than a tree) you were born too late
The trick is use of ( F6 ) Iron Sights . . . as then you're looking straight down the gun

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