What can cause a bit of confusion, are the keyboard commands to use your SECONDARY WEAPON ( No aircraft from Hun land has one )( except the Bombers ) #24
OFF features two Keys: Select Weapon = Backspace, and Fire/Drop = Enter
This is a leftover from CFS3, as the P51 could load out with 8 rockets, and two 500 pound all at the same time
That particular problem doesn't happen in OFF

Since you only need to Select Weapon ONCE, I think of it as Arm Weapon. And while it's on my joystick, it occupies one of the lower keys

Another function that could proove interesting is Rocket/Bomb View = F9. It allows you to view the weapons impact, or miss the target.
However you must learn how use the function, you'll kill a few pilots, so don't use your most senior, first time out

It seems to be normal, as everybody seems to think that their rig is the most powerfull thing on earth. Consequently they 'Max' out the settings, identical to the CFS3 settings, run for awhile CRASH and 'Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water'.

I was running CFS3 on straight '5's', Two machines ago, with my 5700 in AGP

OFF desires SPEED, it doesn't give a damn about power

I'm running a QUAD right now, but at only 2.4Ghtz. . .It's marginal for OFF

I've my Graphic Sliders at 4-3-3-4-1 I average high 30's FPS and smooth

I recently tried 4-4-4-4-1, it looked great, first two missions, then I repeatedly CRASHED into the Briefing Room

Slid back to my old settings 'No More Crashes', Never Looked Back, and that was the end of May. 09

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing