I gave this answer about a month ago, to a rather angry chap, who just had his ace pilot, interned for the duration. You might like it. #23

You can eliminate that bit of nastiness, and always escape the POW camp. By selecting Pilot NEVER Dies, in Workshop. However you MUST volutarily Retire your pilot when the time in Hospital exceeds 24 Days

Example: Make a forced landing over enemy territory, 17 Days between the sheets, then escape the camp over the weekend.

However, you get shot down in a ball of flame, from 9,000. That's 27 Days in Hospital . . . . . .Instant RETIREMENT. You know he died, I know he died, but according to the manager he just went to the hospital

'Die Roll on Death' is just as the name suggests, life or death is a matter of luck. Sometimes your number comes up and you are killed in a minor mishap, the same type of mishap, you would normally walk away from with a severe limp. I like to think, I banged my coconut really Hard. Yet other times you'll make an attempt at landing, crash badly, and survive with just 3 weeks in hospital. Knowing full well nobaby should live, but you do. Good place to be if you have an angel on your shoulder.

'Dead is Dead' The choice for excellent pilots, or the schitthead who thinks he's an excellent pilot. There is NO margin for error. Come in a little hot and snap a tailskid, even a bullet weakened tailskid, you Die.
If you desire to proove something, the only thing you're going to proove, is you're good at making pilots