Auto Trim ( Aussie Autopilot ) #21

Technically there is NO autopilot, because there is No electrical system.

Autopilot Devices Did Exist in 1917, however they were much too expensive, to take to WAR

NO aircraft could adjust their trim in flight, some could only be adjusted by the aircraft mechanic on the ground, some didn't feature the ability to adjust the trim PERIOD

I've heard talk of late in the War, SE5a's could adjust their elevator trim while in flight

Who said flying these crates was easy

If you can spend the time, but you don't wish the stick time, it ain't legit but it works SOMEWHAT, SOMETIMES
Point the aircraft in the proper direction, nose high, in a slight climb.
Then repeatedly press Ctrl+A, until you get the desired results
Sometimes it dives
Sometimes it climbs
Sometimes it Flys in circles
Sometimes it Flys straight, all by itself
Guess it's all in the touch . . Practice makes Perfect

There was a way to alter time, but that was in Phase II. Not recommended now, because you'll piss-off the Manager

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing