The Finer Points of WARP #20

Assuming, you're already cheating with the TAC, it'll tell you how many miles to your Next Waypoint. It's your call, but below 20 miles, I'll fly it. However it's a great way to reach mission altitude quickly.

If it states say: 23 miles, you may elect to Warp the first 18, and fly the rest. You achieved 15,000 the easy way, now you want control.
Easily Done . .with the Cancel Warp Command ( Control+X ). By the way, the EIII is not known for it's climbing ability

Sometimes you are awakened Mid-Warp because of enemy activity in the area ( you're Not getting penalized, for using Warp ) they would've been there anyway, but you might've missed seeing them.

In 1915 and early 1916, there weren't all that many aircraft in the skys to begin with, plus you might have pulled duty in a quiet sector. Relax and enjoy the lack of activity while you can, see how your controls work, and get a window seat

Mid 1916 and later, still quiet. Use those Labels and the TAC, they're probably there, but you don't see them. As they're rather small,

This video will show just How Small ( Sopwith Camel flys in formation with a Spitfire )

By 1917, you can pretty much bet on enemy contact, every mission. By 1918 you'll wish your Father, never met your Mother

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