Sopwith Camel the Widowmaker #19

In the proper hands, it was a great weapon, if the pilot lived long-enough to learn it. In 1917 she killed so-many pilots, she was called the widowmaker. If you can get it up in the air, too steep a climb, it stalls. A tight turn at low speed, it stalls. A sharp turn to the left it climbs, a sharp turn to the right, it dives. If it turns too long, to the left, it stalls.
When you turn quickly to the right, if you're not expecting the dive, it's a killer.
High Rudder must be used in turns, when the aircraft is sideways, the rudder is used as a huge elevator.
It'll then turn tighter then anybody.
It then becomes a very dangerous weapon, with the twin guns, and the great sight.
IF you're still alive that is

I'm a fan of the Sopwith Triplane, excellent visability, great low speed manuverability, but it's single gun, but that's enough if you hit your target.. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . This one is for NO Reason it's fun to watch

Same story for this one

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