Clouds #17

The Clouds in OFF are like No Clouds you've experienced in any other sim.
Wispy, Misty Clouds are OK.
But stay out of those thick, excellent to seek safety in, take a shortcut through the cloud, Clouds.

The Big Pillowy ones contain some violent up drafts, down drafts, and crosswinds.
747s experience turbulance in these clouds.
P51s get buffited
You in your canvas and wood aircraft, stay the Hell out of Clouds

If you're running to save your butt, being chased by six aircraft, duck into the first heavy cloud you see, but when you do, hold your crucifix in your free hand. If you have a better rate of climb than they do, I'd try that first.

Some people Disable the Clouds in Config. Overides, even that doesn't help sometimes
Aircraft Skins . . . Norm = Default
High Looks Great But = NO visable Damage, not even a bullethole
To my eye, those Clouds LOOK the same, with that slider on 1 or 5. Some think there's a difference, and run on 3

A little tidbit your Flight Leader is AI, he can climb without slowing, his mixture is always perfect, he's not affected by Head Winds.

Here's another reason to be the flight leader; As you follow your flight leader, he disappears into a cloud, you follow him and get your wing's torn out ?

Ya All Keep in Formation

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