There was NO radios in these little birds, all communication with fellow pilots, was via hand signals, so the closer to you he was, the better of a chance of seeing your signals

Unfortunately, there's also a better chance of him running into you, when dogfighting

There's 2 choices of Formation: Normal and Tightest

You want him to be especially able to witness your shooting down the Balloon, in the Balloon Mission. So there it's a good idea to repeatedly even feverishly

Press ( R ) . . Rejoin to get his attention

NOTE: Any Balloon you just saw it, so you shot it. Is only thought of as a ground target. You'll get no medal for it . And even after you shot down the proper balloon head straight home avoid any enemy contact

whenever possible, as you might fight your way clear, but your Wingman Must. Dead Wingmen make terrible witnesses

There's no such thing as Bad Weather, only unsuitable clothing