OFF Slider Locations, and assorted settings #14

Clic on Graphics Config . . white area, LR . . Workshop

Give it a while to work. . it can take 90 seconds

When it's done it'll list your video card

File > Custom settings > End of the world notification > OK

There's your . . Graphic Detail Sliders

Note: Never Exceed 4 on Terrain, 5 might look great Today,

but down the road . . you might have Big Time Problems

That 1st slider, the Overall ain't connected to schitt in OFF.

It's a leftover from CFS3. Some list it, others don't

It's been prooven that the Clouds will Only Hide You from the

prying eyes of AI aircraft on 5

So I say put it on 5 - if it doesn't turn it into a slide show leave it there

I don't know about you, but I see no visual difference

between 1 and 4. Some run on 3 . .Why ???

Clic on Window: That's where all your Overrides and assorted

settings are to be found

If you wish to experiment, proceed slowly, and write everything


Each time you're done with a catagory, clic on window again.

Till you return to Image Quality, clic on OK > at the bottom

You'll find yourself back where you started

DO NOT X your wayout, you'll lose your settings, it Defaults

File > Exit